7 Best Car Reverse Camera in India

Car reverse parking is probably the hardest part for a driver be it a naive or a professional driver because nobody has eyes on the back. One mistake and you can bump into the wall, another car or a cat standing behind. Whether you are reversing out of the track or parking your car in a crowded parking low, a car reverse camera will show a clear view of scenes behind the wheels.Car reverse parking is probably the hardest part for a driver be it a naive or a professional driver because nobody has eyes on the back. One mistake and you can bump into the wall, another car or a cat standing behind. Whether you are reversing out of the track or parking your car in a crowded parking low, a car reverse camera will show a clear view of scenes behind the wheels.
By 2019 almost all countries will declare reverse cameras mandatory for every car to prevent injuries and fatal accidents that occurs while reverse parking. So, don’t think it is as a luxury device for your car. And perhaps, if you consider Indian roads, busy parking lots and our reckless drivers you will agree we need it more than any other place.

The advanced and the expensive cars now come with an in-built camera, for those who the companies are making cameras that sits on the rear part of your and a display at the front for you to monitor what’s happening behind you.
Today, there are many too many kinds of reverse cameras available in the market. Some connects via Bluetooth and some via Wi-Fi. Some comes with display and transmitters that can be fitted to the front with simple drills and screwdrivers, some even has assembly line for backing. These options alone can make anyone confuse but they also vary in display type, timing, night vision, waterproofing, lenses and prices. Refer our “Buying Guide“
Below in this article we are going to review the top 7 best rear view cameras you can find right now. We have included both the affordable and the expensive cameras in the list.
7 Best Rear View Camera for Car In IndiaBest Reverse Camera No Of LED Lights Viewing Angle Waterproof Warranty Buy NowSunRise Rearview 7 Inch TFT LED Mirror Monitor 8 180 Yes (IP67) 6 months Check the PriceAutotrends Combo of Car Rear Camera No LEd Light Limited Yes (IP67) 6 months Check the PriceSound Boss Rear Camera 8(IR LED) 170 Yes (IP67) 1 year Check the PriceFABTEC Car Rear Reverse HD Camera 8 170(adjustable) Yes (IP67) No warranty Check the PriceStarvin Car Rear View Camera 8(IR LED) 170 Yes (IP68) No warranty Check the PriceVolga 8 Car Reverse Parking Camera 8 170 Yes (IP67) No warranty Check the PriceAmiciKart Reverse Parking Camera 8 120 Water Resistant 1 month Check the PriceTop 7 Best Selling Car Reverse Camera Reviews in India 1. SunRise Rearview 7 Inch TFT LED Mirror MonitorSunRise Rearview 
This is a complete combination of car reverse camera with monitor. The streaming of video is wireless through Bluetooth, and the color reproduction on the LED monitor is outstanding. There is no doubt that it deserves the topmost position on the list. There is no more headache of wiring, buying monitor separately, and compatibility issue.
There are dedicated slots available for plugging in a USB drive and SD card. It is a 7-inch LED monitor, and it feels as good as a tablet. You can also adjust the parameters such as brightness, contrast, hue, and likewise.
The lens offers a 180-degree wide viewing angle, and the construction of the camera is rugged. It is marine-grade waterproof and has an IP67 rating. The lens is fog-resistant, and the night vision is also quite good. The low lux performance is always desirable, and the color reproduction is truly outstanding. There is also a remote control available for easy operation. Comes with a 6 month warranty!
Apart from using it as a backup camera, you can place it anywhere and do surveillance. Besides, you can use the versatile monitor somewhat like a tablet to play videos and songs which is a great advantage of this particular camera over others.Notable Features:
Complete Set – It is a combination of monitor and camera, both of which are great in quality. There is no need for any separate buying.Wireless Connection – The video is displayed on the monitor via Bluetooth, and therefore, there is no wiring required.Easy Installation – The monitor comes with universal size clips for easy mounting. Installing the camera at the rear side is quite easy at any desirable position.Power Efficient – Both the devices have low power consumption and therefore, needs less recharging.Auto Activation – The visual automatically starts streaming as soon as you reverse the car which is always convenient.Verdict :
It is always better to buy a complete set than buying parts separately. On top of that, the wireless connectivity is the icing on the cake, and this makes it an instant favorite. You can use the monitor for entertainment purpose which is handy in a long journey. If you are ok with the not so impressive night vision, you should definitely go for it.
Wireless connection and streaming of video.Can use the monitor as a display for videos and songs.Universal clip for easy mounting anywhere.Automatic activation and remote controlling.Auto white balancing and low lux performance.Waterproof and fog resistant.Cons:
Poor sound quality Buy Now From Amazon
2. Autotrends Combo of Car Rear View Kit with Car Reversing CameraAutotrends Combo of Car Rear View Kit
This is a combination of a backup camera and a monitor. The unit in total consumes less power than most. The structure is flexible enough to install it in any vehicle. You can use the monitor for any CCTV camera, and you can mount it on the dashboard. As this is a complete set and all the aspects starting from quality to performance are top-notch, it deserves the topmost position on the list of the best car reverse camera.
The monitor is a 4.3-inch TFT LCD unit and therefore, the power consumption is very low. The parameters like brightness, saturation, contrast, hue, are all adjustable. You can also connect it to the VCD, DVD and GPS. The best part is that it automatically switches to the camera connection when the car goes in reverse. You can use a parking sensor with the camera and connect it to the display unit. The company offers a 6-month warranty.
The monitor is quite small but the display is topnotch. Though there similar products available in the market, but cost twice of the price. We placed it second because what it offers under this price is simply awesome.Notable Features:
Versatile – You can connect the monitor with DVD and VCD player as well as with GPS unit. You can also connect it with any other CCTV camera.Auto Switching – You can play videos from various sources, but when the car reverses, it automatically switches to the video of the camera.Sensor Compatible – You can use a parking sensor with the camera and connect the same with the monitor.Easy Setup – You can keep the monitor on the dashboard securely, and the camera has swivel function for all types of vehicles.Verdict:
This is another combo kit for car reverse camera. However, it is not as good as the previous one. In terms of price, it is nearly one third. Therefore, if you have a limited budget and night vision is not something you need, you can opt for it. It is the most affordable complete product on the list.
Video output quality is good.Versatile applications of monitor.Very easy installation for both parts.Auto switching option in the monitor.Easy parking grid lines available.Cons:
Suitable only for small car due to limited viewing angle.No lights available and hence, poor night vision. Buy Now From Amazon
3. Sound Boss CAM-03P 2nd Gen Rear View Backing CameraSound Boss CAM-03P Backing Camera
If you are looking for a car reverse camera that can operate in all the extreme weathers, Sound Boss backup camera is what you need to opt for. This camera is compatible with any monitor having RCA input. The construction quality is premium, and the night vision is top-notch. Its performance is reliable and consistent even in rainy and foggy weather, and therefore, it gets featured in the top 3 of the list.
The camera comes with a distance scale line display which helps in safe and accurate parking even in tight spaces. It has IP67 rating and hence, it is waterproof and does not get fogged up. Besides, the viewing angle is quite wide and it is very easy to install on the rear mounting locations. On top of that, there are IR night vision LED lights available and so, the night darkness is no more an issue. The company offers one-year warranty on the product.
The display quality and overall camera quality is good, but if you want night vision we don’t suggest it. Though it claims to have built-in 8 IR LED lights but the vision in dark is not up to mark. Another plus point is it can be used in any type of vehicle from trucks, SUVs with a 20 ft long video cable.Notable Features:
Strong night vision – The camera is tailor-made for great night vision as it has 8 IR LED lights for lighting up low-light, tight areas.High-quality Camera – The camera has HD color image sensor, and video output quality is outstanding on the monitor. The lens offers 170-degree so that there is no blind side.Wide Compatibility – It is compatible with almost all vehicles, and there is long cable available for cars and trucks.Suitable For All Weather – The camera is great for any weather it is foggy winter or drizzling rainy season.Verdict:
This is a perfect car reverse camera from all perspective. It is just that you have to buy the display unit separately. It is a tremendous night vision with IR blasting lights, and the camera quality is top-notch for better video output. Besides, the accuracy distance scale lines are highly useful for parking in tight spaces. It is going to be functional in all weather conditions. You should not have a second thought about buying this one as we strongly recommend it.
IR LED lights for night vision.170-degree wide angle view in all directions.Accurate distance scale line display.Easily installable in different types of vehicles.Suitable for all different temperatures and weather conditions.Cons:
LED lights are not very bright.



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